dirtybird racing is no more, xcgeek is king

yah, i decided to combine two entities, dirtybird racing and xcgeek.com. the plan is to have an xcgeek.com team next year. i am pretty confident that combining these two websites will make posting easier and faster. and more awesome.

go to xcgeek.com, a website that is gunna rock your socks.



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aww yeah

no post in 6 months?  eh, no big deal.  it is fall in boulder… DROP DEAD GORGEOUS


2012 mtb season summary: successful.  had a good couple of months before the season when i started training with an awesome coach, danny suter.  drove out to sea otter, 24 hours of driving to get there, some booger brought me down in the first singletrack corner of the race and busted the drivetrain up – still managed to get 11th in cat 1.  went to nationals, 2nd in cat 1.  raced a bunch of open races, was hard in the beginning but got better, won a couple, won a half marathon open series, and got my goal for the season, a pro license.  ready for next season right now.

2012 cx season summary thus far: started horribly, got 18 stitches in the knee for the second time in two months, was forced to take time off of the bike… right after i took 2 weeks off of the bike for a “between season” break.  it hurt pretty bad when i got going with the open cx boys, they are fast kids.  i finally am feeling better, finally pushing some hard workouts again.  usacycling is horribly horrible these days – i tried to get a uci license for 2 races i want to do on the east coast on november 24th and 25th.  2013 uci licenses go on sale december 1st and they won’t bend the rules to let me get a license 5 days early so i can save $150.  how cheap is that?  they must be used to dealing with broke bike racers or something…  GREAT NEWS i have broken two wheels in two weekends.  stupid cx bikes and their not like dh bike qualities.


still working at sports garage, the bike shop that takes care of business in boulder county.  we held an event today called crocktoberfest.  a crockpot cookoff to launch our new road and cx brand Ritte.  i made tiramisu for the first time today for the event… baller

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february and life

we are already rolling into the spring…sorta.  time is flyin by.  workin 40 hours a week is a time suck, but atleast i love where im workin (the ol’ sports garage, in boulder, co).  i wish some of my college buds were around though.  i miss the east coast biker vibe.

hey i have a new song that i am sorta obsessed with.  i need to tell someone about it, why not the interwebs.


Specialized Henge Pro

Specialized Henge Pro

in other news, i have been getting some goodies for the xc season coming up.  that is always fun.  i got a 180 gram specialized henge, which is baller.  it is the first mtb saddle where i have ever seen a weight limit.  240 lbs.  i guess thats not so bad.

my new rig should be showing up next week.  it is a orbea alma 29 s30.  xt group, reba rlt, and some stock fulcrum mtb wheels.  not bad.  the geometry seems to be nice except for the headtube angle.  i mean, cam an, im a dh kid, 72 degrees?  i also ordered a cane creek angleset headset to slacken that situation out.  i don’t know how much the angle can actually change with the angleset, but even a degree would make me happy.

i got some new kicks too.  they are so new n fresh looking, i don’t wanna wear them.  but the

Giro Code

Giro Code

break-in period has begun.  i hate breakin in shoes.  its always so …stale feeling at first.  giro codes with some easton carbon stuff.  stiff.  very stiff.  that’ll be nice for racin i s’ppose.  the ratchet on these shoes kicks ass, btw.

so what do i do with my free time, you ask?  i am so anti-social it is getting scary.  i wake up in the morns, do a little core power workout, do the work thing, come home, eat food, ride, and try to squeeze in a little website work.  my website, xcgeek.com, is coming together, slowly but steadily.  i still haven’t tried to spread the word about the site quite yet.  i want to develop more content first, and get into a groove where i can get a post out at least every day.  but i think its looking good.  below is just a little screen shot, in case you have never seen the site.  werd.



well, its my day off.  it just snowed 18″ (apparently a january record in boulder).  that means ima ride my ol bicycle on some rollers.  ima go now.  ba bye.

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well, dang.

once again i can’t take the time to write a little post.  months it has been, MONTHS!  anywho, I have been back to the east coast, and was gunna race in a big cx race, but usa cycling sucks, so i didn’t.  but i do have a cool photo to show for the travelin.  yeeeah new england, you show your green side!


not only did i get some good time with my parents, but alyssa clem was in the HOUSE!  we had a good time.  and then some more…

look at that face!  man, good picture.


but hey, im workin on gettin the xc season started off right.  training hard right now, and hopefully keep it up!  im also a little pumped up about the cx season, too.  cx is a lot of fun, and pain, but it was definitely a lot more fun than i was expecting.  watching jdurrin go all over Europe got me excited to try and get to that level, be it in cx or xc.


anyway christmas was awesome.  it was spent with the ol sister and her guy daniel.

yeah, she was excited in this photo opening her present from me.


and then this happened.

this picture might just be too much.  too real.  oooo so good.


well ladies and gentlemen, another blog conquered.  short lived, but packed a punch i think.  see yall soon…

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buffin cx. please.

well well.  I  just got back from a little cx action WITH COLLEGE KIDS.  mmm… that brought me back a couple years.  what a fun atmosphere college is.  dam.  all races should have the chill, fuck i like bikes attitude.


i believe it was called the buff cx.  the open field was packed with pro duders and college kids i had never seen before.  i started the race…probably third from last.  ooo sucky.  but it was a super fun course.  more of a mountain bike course.  lots a corners and flowy.  a couple barriers.  and it wouldnt be a race without a couple elbow oriented racers guys.  i probably finished somewhere in the back, but it was fun.  especially teasing and wearing out the guys in the back.  it was a race where i actually relaxed and had fun.  thanks college kiddies.

tell ol' jeremy durrin guy to update his blog. come on... i dont read facebook and twitter like its my life.

on another note, tubulars are crazy.

the freakin best rear tire.

i have been racing with them for about a month and … well, they are cool and all, but the whole road wheel thing still scares me.  did i mention i have already rebuilt my rear wheel once, broke a couple spokes and have had to true that thing a boat load of times?  stupid wheels.  ok so most of the work i had to do to them wheels was my fault – i was riding a wheelie and my foot got caught in the spokes.  that indicates my negligence maybe.


BUT on a sweet note, ima come back to the east soon.  december 1st fruitcakes.  its going down.  but only for about 6 days.  and i am going to spend most of those days with the fam.  a little pre-holidays visiting.


so coaching is on my mind.  i am headed in the direction of a coach as soon as cross ends, but who?  who?  who?  if one of you fellow cyclists that reads this nonsense has a good suggestion, let it flow baby.  i am excited to get in the gym and attempt to bulk up before some serious miles are put in com spring time.


so i like this. uri halevs, keep this going since you dont have a blog anymore!


enough.  love peace and chaingrease?  na i cant say that.  i hear that too much at work.  you wanna know what is always a good idea?  a Sports Garage gift card.  yeah.  that a better ending.

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aaaaannnd i’m back

after a MULTIPLE MONTH HIATUS.  it has been so long, i forgot what my password was to this blog.  eh.  i was doing things.  now i’m getting comfortable in my new home in Boulder, CO.  lovely place.  a lot of fast dudes.

you know, i hate to say it but dirtybird racing can’t last much longer.  i think ill just turn this guy into my own blog or something of the sort.  i am most likely going to race for my shop this upcoming year which means my team name will have to do to SG Cycling.  not a bad thing.  SG is killer.

i started racing cx.  oh.  my.  that stuff is fun.  and can be really painful.  like road bikes.  but on the other hand, there are some killer corners, and …some technical aspects that a mountain bike guy (like myself) can thoroughly enjoy.  i started rock bottom in the 4’s.  it was interesting.  a beginners cx category with half of the field on deep dish tubulars.  ?!?.  now im racing with the big boys in the open category… i am a cat 2 right now.  three open senior men races under my belt thus far and a 19th (oooo it hurt), a 4th (not bad) and a 9th over the last weekend.  my legs finally started feeling like they had sand in em last race.  time for some recovery.

an unbelievably sloppy race^^^.

so maybe i mentioned working at Sports Garage Cycling a couple months ago on my last post.  well, i’m still there, going at it on the sales floor.  it is fun.  great people, great bikes, and a boatload of knowledge and experience in the bike world.  i learn something everyday.  really.  and its awesome.  but, workin at a bike shop has its bad side too.  like being broke all the time.   eh, i can live with that for a while.  they did make a video of me riding my new toy around Boulder last week.  check it…

there it is. another update. maybe ill have some more stuff to say next time. just maybe.

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too much, too real

  1. dirtybird migrated back to crested butte, colorado
  2. dirtybird thought boulder might be a sweet place to live
  3. dirtybird moved to the ever lovin’ boulder
  4. dirtybird has multiple jobs in the bike industry
  5. dirtybirds dirtybird is making an xc website
change is exciting i suppose.  a lot has been going on.  too much to document.  xc and road bike are falling apart, all my dh equipment is on its way out, and i got a new job at some super high end shop.  ill be riding nice bikes again soon.  and riding my ass off soon again too.
today is my day off before i start working at a hight end shop called Sports Garage.  the place is amazing.  to say the least (this is a pull to get you to check out their website.  they have a truly amazing way of running a bike shop).  anyway, since this was my day off before starting a new job, i was like “hey, lets go for a crazy mtb’er ride.”  i found a 54 mile loop.  so i set out this morning all chipper and happy-happy, ride 30 minutes to get to a trail head, dump into a long boney uphill…and take a slow motion spill over the side of cliff.  nice.  some rolling action and WHAMMY a direct impact on my left thigh.  i wasnt even far enough into the ride where my adrenaline was going so the pain sorta sucked.  i couldnt ride anymore so i wobled home.  bummer of a day.  but maybe not…
a website has been revealed to the bike gods.  lets see what i can do with it.  sneak peak for you…
until next time…

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